Patricia Trincado


Digital Product Manager 👩‍💻


I am a passionate Digital Product Manager with a background and experience in industrial design engineering & UX/UI. Over the past few years, I have led the product team at Familiados, where we multiplied our network of qualified caregivers by 5 and the number of families served by 10. My focus is on efficiency and optimization. I implemented design tools that increased productivity by 3 times and significantly improved communication with the development team. Additionally, I created Ductor, an internationally recognized device that aids people with Alzheimer's, earning multiple awards for its innovation.


Digital Product Manager | Familiados HealthTech

App to support family work-life balance · B2C&B2B


Digital Product Manager | jun. 2022 - now

UX Product Designer | jun. 2021 - jun. 2022 · 1 year

👩‍💻 Responsibilities

🚀 Achievements

10-fold increase in families using our services.

5-fold rise in qualified professionals available.

3-fold improvement in productivity in design and development.

● Establishing a product-focused mindset and data-driven decision-making.

Little Design Teacher | Public University of Navarre

In the title of Industrial Design


Associate Professor | feb. 2023 - now 

👩‍💻 Responsibilities

🚀 Achievements

● Rating from students: 9.8/10.

Instilling passion, enthusiasm, and curiosity for design.

CPO | Ductor

Device that facilitates communication with Alzheimer's patients


Founder & Designer | feb. 2020 - now

🌈 Process & Learnings

🏆 Recognitions

● Awarded and featured in the Selected Inspiration Bilbao 2020 book.

Exhibition at Disseny Hub Barcelona by the ADI-FAD association in Feb. 2020.

● Selected and finalist in the James Dyson Award 2022.

Customer service | GCH Constructions

Construction & Real Estate Developer of Public and Private Housing Nationwide


Sales and After-Sales Management | may. 2020 - may. 2021 · 1 year 

👩‍💻 Responsibilities

🚀 Achievements

Digitization of administrative processes and sales channels.

Streamlining the customization process in the supplier area.

Enhancement of customer communication.

Mechanical Design Engineer | FuVeX

Company specializing in the creation of industrial drones for Naturgy & Correos


Industrial Designer | abr. 2018 - abr. 2019 · 1 year

👩‍💻 Responsibilities

🚀 Achievements

Double the prototyping process efficiency.

Increase workshop efficiency fourfold through the 5S methodology.


Digital Product Designer | The Hero Camp

2023 · 70 hours

User Research & Discovery

Lean Mindset & Delivery

Product Management Foundations

Business Skills and Mindset

CRO Foundations (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Stakeholder Management & Impact and Influence

Analytics & Data

Growth Workshop

NoCode Workshop

Master's in UX&UI for Digital Transformation | Shifta by Elisava

2020 - 2021 · 1500 hours [60 ECTS]

Lead and manage an interaction project based on agile methodologies.

Design Thinking, Trend Forecasting.

Research and modeling techniques to design user-centered digital experiences.

Usability principles to design intuitive, effective, and efficient services and applications.

Information architecture techniques and process visualization to organize experience flows.

Design the visual and interactive layer of an application from a global perspective.

Postgraduate in Management and Communication of an Applied Design Project| Elisava & ISEC Lisboa

2019 - 2020 · 1500 hours [60 ECTS]

Write a descriptive report of an applied design project.

Define a profile of an academic/scientific researcher.

Communicate the results from a scientific perspective.

Creation of a research process applied to the specific design: DUCTOR.

Master's Degree in Product Design and Development | Elisava

2019 - 2020 · 1500 hours [60 ECTS]

Enhance creativity techniques, user-centered design resources, and experimental design applications.

Understand the current state of product design through the application of acquired knowledge and skills in projects involving collaboration with companies.

Study the processes of a product development project and various options for industrialization.

Master different CAD/CAE tools that allow representation, visualization, and simulation of a product's behavior.

Manage projects, protect and register designs, as well as present the final result to the public.

Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Design Engineering | Public University of Navarre

2015 - 2019 · 6000 hours [240 ECTS]

Launching innovative projects; designing and developing products.

Working with and organizing multidisciplinary teams in projects that connect engineering with its diverse applications.

Adding value to R&D, business management, and production teams.

Technical knowledge in areas such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, statistics, mechanics, electronics, and CAD-CAM.

Skills in teamwork, production organization, dissemination of scientific and design information, spatial vision, strategic vision, and entrepreneurship.










English · C1


And my dear mother said: You will speak English, and that's final 🤐

English Course at EOI - C1.2 2021 | Stays Abroad: Ireland, United Kingdom & USA